It's your birthday and you should party like you want to!

D'light Events is a creative, eco-friendly, and resourceful party planner. One of our plusses is we listen. We want to get to know you - contact us here! - to help you make your next occasion unique and as much fun as you imagined!

This is YOU at your next party
with a little help from D'light Events:

Dancing to music you love. Yes, dancing! Dedicating the time to talk with each of your loved ones. Receiving hugs. Trying out all kinds of tasty hors d'ouevres. Laughing. Lots of laughing! At the end of the night, you have nothing left but a happy feeling in your soul from a great night. Oh, and just a little (or a lot) of satisfaction knowing that you've made some excellent choices that cause less impact on the environment.

This is how you do NOT want your next party to go:

Getting up early to clean, buying last-minute styrofoam plates and cups, food and drinks, unsure how much or what will be most popular. Cooking all day. When guests arrive fidgeting with the playlist and sound system, which seems possessed. Rushing to the kitchen to bringing out another tray of finger foods and chips. A guest wants a caipirinha. Googling: how to make a caipirinha. The mobile is blowing up with people asking for directions. There aren't enough parking spaces? How do you resolve this now and not ignore your other guests? And at the end of the night... cleaning. Uh.

Local Miami vendors appreciate working with such a happy event planner like D'light Events. We're establishing good rapport to pass on to our clients their best side! 

How D'light Events can help you plan your next party

  • Finding the perfect venue
  • Working out important logistics (this is where the degree of the owner of D'light Events' in Hospitality & Event Management comes in handy!)
  • Recommending easy-to-use invitation apps
  • Contracting DJ's & entertainment, or helping you with your playlist
  • Based on professional Hospitality & Event Management calculations, estimating food quantities for your event
  • Finding great catering partners or the best ready-to-go trays at supermarkets
  • Clean-up and recycling
  • In-person assistance on the day of your event if you request it
  • Introducing eco-friendly party supplies and décor

Is nature important to you? It is for us!

D'light Events is passionate about preserving the environment. We are constantly sourcing affordable bio-friendly décor, tableware, party supplies, giveaways, locations and memorabilia for all of our events. Including yours.

We'd be happy to get to know you and give you ideas for your party! 
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