D'light Events caters to small-to-medium companies with the goal of making each event as environmentally-friendly as possible. We are a small planning company and you can see it in our work.

A corporate event to love is in the details. What does your company represent? Who is it representing? What is the lifestyle of your target? And how do we make them feel?

To make an impact, we challenge ourselves, break the rules, bubble with creativity, and are brave enough to make each event unique.

It's important for us to prioritize creating memorable experiences because the best corporate events are not the ones with the biggest budget. Does that surprise you? Just think back on events you've attended and you'll remember the ambiance, who you interacted with, and the fun and excitement around the occasion. Not how much the event cost.

Tell us the purpose of your event and we will help you organize it around your goal - and measure the results!

Corporate events we specialize in at D'light Events:

  • Pop-up events
  • Business launches
  • Grand opening parties
  • VIP client events
  • Product launches
  • Executive and board meetings

Organizing Eco-Friendly Corporate Events in Miami

The environment has become such an obvious, pressing issue that it has shaken some companies into wanting to "go green." Where there is a will, there is a way... but that doesn't mean it is easy.

Some regions -South Florida included- have been unable to meet the demand for eco-friendly events:

  • Recycling facilities openly state they reject more than ninety percent of the trash they receive
  • Affordable eco-friendly products are scarce
  • Cheap plastic and styrofoam products are abundant, making it a tempting option
  • There are limited event locations that commit to a bio-friendly mission

Meanwhile, conscientious employees, directors, and customers are clamoring -practically begging- to save the Earth.

In small and medium-sized companies, the event planner usually wears many hats. When you're running around trying to coordinate many moving pieces, it's almost overwhelming to also go out of your way to beat these odds and produce an event with a relatively low environmental cost.

In D'light Events you've found yourself a resourceful, experienced event planner dedicated to designing elegant, eco-friendly events.

Don't hesitate to unload, it's hard to do this by yourself. Tell us about your event!