2020 certainly was not a very good year for events and this year they are slowly coming back but is the industry changed forever? I would say yes, at least the size of the events but also hygiene is playing a big role in events now.

This is probably that time of the year when people spend money the most. There is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the small Christmas parties between. Then, there are all kinds of small secret Santas and other gift groups you might take part in.

Congratulations!! Now, let's just take it easy, step by step, and pray for this craziness to end. I'm crossing my fingers for the aliens to stay on Mars and for the zombies turn back to the graveyard!

I recently met someone who asked me "what does it mean to be an eco-friendly event planner". I have to admit, I was so surprised by this question and it got me quiet for a second - from shock! BUT after the conversation, I processed it all in my head and realized it was actually a very valid question!

Miami is the perfect destination for a romantic beach wedding and a great privilege for the residents! It is also a wonderful place if you are planning a destination wedding. Local or a destination wedding - what should you know before getting any further? Check out my tips for a beautiful beach wedding and of course, some inspirational photos...

As an expert party and event planner, here are some tips and ideas to continue celebrating life's milestones under social distancing. We're talking movie night, pool parties, picnics and even restaurant events. Read how!

You must have noticed all the different options there are when choosing your tableware for your party. Have you ever wondered if paper is more bio-friendly or if recyclable plastic is better? Or what the difference is between compostable and biodegradable? Yes, we get it, it can be confusing and none of it is very simple because...

Mother's Day is ahead of us in a couple of days and you realized you haven't prepared anything yet? Do you feel like this year it's time to give something more unique than chocolate and flowers but you don't have many days left before the big day?

Being eco-friendly may feel like a lot of work and that's why we created this Eco-Friendly Event Planning Guide to ease your planning journey. This guide will have all the answers on how to plan an eco-friendly party.
Remember, implementing just a couple of ideas from this guide is already a huge step.

Digitalization has brought us a lot of new ways to run our daily lives. It has made our lives easier and we get things we desire a lot faster. Also, social media has brought a whole new world in front of us. There are some dark sides in digitalization (this blog post is not about that!), but it surely has...