Event Planning & Design

Smart, fun, utterly unique & unforgettable events can be easy to achieve ... with a little help (wink)

We are keen to find fresh, creative solutions for an eco-friendly party that is everything you wished for!

So what is Eco-Friendly Event Planning and Design? 

Just like any Event Planner or Designer: we help you choose the theme, venue, and the best event partners in the area for the best price. Not only do we coordinate all services, we are also present, behind-the-scenes on the day of your event, ensuring everything is topnotch while you enjoy your own party free from stress. Whatever your dream is for this event, we will make it happen. 

The eco-friendly part comes from a commitment to the environment. Using our network, suppliers and expertise, we ensure your event is causing as little environmental impact as possible.

Coordination & Consulting

Do you need a hand with just one element of your event planning, for example: scouting a venue within your budget, hiring the best caterer in the area, or figuring out the first steps to planning your beach wedding? Feel free to call us!

Our consulting and coordination service includes:

  • A free consulting session 
  • DIY Event Planning Kit: including valuable documents like an eco-friendly event planning guide, budgeting template, scheduling/event planner, and other tools to support your planning process.
  • Event coordinating on the day of the event: we will make sure everything goes as you planned, so you can concentrate on being the best host. 

Cleaning & Recycling Service

Let us take care of it!

Successful event recycling requires two things: 1. detailed planning and 2. knowledge of the recycling system in your area. 

Recycling for events is often neglected exactly because it requires that extra bit of attention in an already rigorous planning process. D'light Events team, however, is more than willing to take this responsibility on. For us, recycling is just as important as any other little detail ... and nature is worth the effort.

With our Cleaning and Recycling Service, our team deploys a strategy that ensures the venue is clean and attractive from the beginning to end, and, importantly, that every single piece of trash is sorted according to the very particular requirements of the recycling facilities in your area! After the event, we take the trash to the recycling center. 

Saving the environment feels good, doesn't it?

For this service, please contact us directly.

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