Top 6 Social Distancing Party Ideas


As an expert party and event planner, here are some tips and ideas to continue celebrating life's milestones under social distancing. We're talking movie night, pool parties, picnics and even restaurant events. Read how!

It's been a couple of intense months since the pandemic broke out, hasn't it? While life seemed to come to a halt, neither time nor the human spirit is bound by Covid-19. Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and all of these beautiful life events still come upon us ... and we still want to celebrate!

Business are re-opening very slowly, is it even possible to host an event?

This was a big hit for the event industry. Like many other sectors, the event industry might not gear up due to the social-distancing rules.

Currently, we can gather with a couple of friends and even then, maintaining social distance and cleaning everything to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Do I think we can host events?

I'd say YES: IF you plan carefully and never forget to wash your hands.

6 Ideas for Fun Social Distancing Parties 

1. Murder Mystery Dinner

Ever want to do some cosplay? Movie or theater acting? This is a great way to have some fun and gather together in an intimate group of friends or family. 

Shhh... I'm sharing my favorite site dedicated to only murder mysteries, Night of Mystery. Choose your theme here and learn how to play!

Go check out my Pinterest Board for more information:
Go check out my Pinterest Board for more information:

2. Themed Pool Party

Is your pool under-used? Throw a pool party with your closest friends! 

Spice up the party with a theme and encourage everyone to prepare. Setting a fun theme with loved ones and preparing for the event more than makes up for the small size of a party. 

My absolute favorite right now is a 70's pool party

Tell us about your occasion and we can help you figure out the logistics of planning a safe celebration.

 3. Private Dining Rooms

Restaurants are opening little by little. Since bigger parties are not allowed yet, it's the perfect time to discover your local restaurant's private dining rooms or brand new decks especially remodeled for social distancing! Check out the hidden gems in your neighborhood and support your local small business owner at the same time. 

Notes: Some restaurants require reservations, but most accept walk-ins but have strict limitations on the number of people you can have at your table. 

Also, many restaurants are not using their air conditioners and, instead are opening their windows and doors for ventilation, so dress accordingly.

Social Distancing Party Planning Tip: Call the restaurant in advance to ask if you can decorate to personalize it for your occasion.

4. Multi-Day Party

Is it impossible to cut your guest list down?

If you feel you have the energy to throw your party throughout two or three days, you can celebrate a long weekend with your loved ones!

How to plan a multiple-day party:
Invite a maximum of eight-10 guests each day. Each guest has an assigned day - and make sure you choose guests that get along well!

Tip: To make sure you can give full attention to your guests each day and that you don't get too tired, use different themes on each day. For example:

Friday have a sumptuous, long, relaxed dinner with your close family members. 

Saturday invite your best friends for a late-night party. 

Sunday have a relaxing late afternoon brunch with your cousins.

Avoid hosting a late-night party on Saturday and trying to have an early breakfast on Sunday morning. Don't expect to be at your best. 

And last but not least: keep it clean.

  • Remember to clean well before and after your parties!
  • Show guests where the sinks are to wash their hands
  • Ensure your bathrooms and kitchen sink are stocked up on hand soap
  • Ventilate your location as best as possible
  • If it's not too inconvenient, ask your guests to wear masks when indoors

Go check out my Pinterest Board for more information:
Go check out my Pinterest Board for more information:

5. Outdoor Movie Night

Borrow or buy a projector or huge TV and invite your guests for a special movie night outside!

Throw some blankets, pillows, and picnic baskets on the ground and play the latest movie hit or a classic. Decorate the area with some lights, lanterns and fabric banners.

Set up these comfy areas spaced-out and ask guests to respect social distancing. Between being outdoors and spending an evening in designated socially-distant areas, it is less likely to spread germs.

Tip: Blow it up with a themed movie night based on the movie you are showing!

6. Intimate Parties for VIPs in Your Life: BFF Picnic, Hire a Private Chef

Inviting the whole gang: your adopted uncles and aunts, second cousins and friends' friends to your party is great; we get it! 

For myself, quarantine has been a perfect break sit, think and prioritize. I've had time to rest and introspect like never before. With this extra time, I was able to reach out to people who truly count and set my dreams... into action!

So what if this time you only invite the ones who truly know the significance of your celebration? The ones who know your story better than anyone.

Staying home has helped many people appreciate friends and family on a new level, especially those who we haven't seen in a long time.

Invite the ones you missed and appreciated the most for a special 

  • Bestest BFF picnic
  • VVIP baby-shower 
  • luxurious birthday party with private chef

A good party is not dependent on the number of guests! It's the memories and the fun.

    We Can Keep Your Event Clean and Green!

    If you are organizing your party in your home the most important (now more than ever!) is to keep everything clean before, during, and after the event! 

    D'light Events offers cleaning services, we also take care of all the trash with the goal to have it properly recycled

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    If it's a small movie-night party, or a picnic in the park/beach, a murder mystery dinner/brunch, or a private dining room reservation, D'light Events is here to support your ideas and help you with the small details. We will make sure your occasion is a long-lasting, heart-warming memory for you and for your guests!

    We would be delighted to organize everything or any part of your event, from: 

    · planning

    · sourcing ecological decorations

    · cleaning

    · recycling

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