2021 Trends in Event and Party Planning


2020 certainly was not a very good year for events and this year they are slowly coming back but is the industry changed forever? I would say yes, at least the size of the events but also hygiene is playing a big role in events now.

I googled some trends for 2021 and here are some fun ideas, which I think are worth mentioning.

😷 Customized masks are coming! Make sure your party has one. I recommend choosing reusable masks and customizing them in a way that they can be reused. For example, if you use the text "happy birthday Your Name" it's very unlikely that the guests will use this mask again, but if you give a mask that is decorated with your party theme, let's just say small rainbows, this mask will likely be reused!

FUN TIP: some event planners have been using different colors for guest's comfort levels of social distance. For example, a red mask is telling other guests that whoever wears it is not comfortable for hugs and kisses but the person wearing a color green mask is.

🌸 I still saw lots of trends for balloons, but fortunately, I also saw a trend for big paper flowers coming in and also a baby breath's flower clouds as an upcoming design! I truly hope everyone will not choose balloons as decor this year since there are SO MANY other fun options.

🚽 Bathroom decorations are gonna be a thing! 2020 changed the world. This year since hand sanitizing is still going to be a very important topic, we are expecting to see very cool fun decoration ideas in the bathrooms.

🌳 Outdoors will be popular. Since social distancing is still a thing and keeping everyone safe is important, outdoor events will be a big hit this year.

♻️ Sustainability will be a thing! This made me so happy to see that sustainability is becoming more important in the industry.

👩🏽‍💻 Tech will be used as decoration. I will write about this later this month.

Novo Nordisk sales event by Sputnik Design
Novo Nordisk sales event by Sputnik Design
Adidas Deerupt Experience, Los Angeles 2018
Adidas Deerupt Experience, Los Angeles 2018

🗣 Virtual Events are here to stay. Zoom and streaming parties are a thing now and it is here to stay. If your friends and family cannot make it, make sure to stream your party to those who are further away.

💝 This year, gifts are personalized and carefully planned since parties are going to be smaller and intimate. Some of your guests can be watching the live stream from home, enjoying the same treats you serve at the party.

🍭 About food. A buffet is slowly dying. This makes me a bit happy bc buffets normally are the ones that leave the most leftovers. Instead, plated dinners and individual meal boxes are making their way to events.

🥂 Dinner Parties will be a thing this year but it doesn't mean they are basic. We are expecting hosts to go all-in with decorations and thoughtful gifts. Also, the food presentation will be taken to a next level.

🐕 Our furry friends are also getting invitations this year and a good host has thought through a menu for them too.

***Please note the pictures are not mine. 

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