3 Ways To Use Reusable Straws


Did you know that the first straws were actually made of metal and glass?

One of the most frustrating trash must be plastic straws. They are an automatic, almost forced, accessory to the beverage at cafes and restaurants, but have you ever realized how unnecessary it truly is? We surely can drink any beverage without a straw and using a straw is just an old, nasty habit.

And yes, I just said it is unnecessary, forced and nasty habit because I dare to argue it truly is. I noticed this from my own behavior; when I was buying a smoothie from a juice bar, I always used a straw, but when I blend my smoothie at home I didn't feel the need to have a straw anymore. Adding a straw in my favorite smoothie in the neighborhood cafe was just on old automatic habit I had learned. It was my time to learn my way out of it, it didn't make sense anymore. To me, it was almost tragic how I thought I need a straw in some occasions, but not in the other when truly the situation was exactly the same.

I thought to myself, what if straws wouldn't be that popular; If I don't need straws at home, why then I need them with every single drink outside home? Why do I feel the urge to sip my ice coffee with a straw only in restaurants but not at home? Questioning myself and my behaviors made me stop using straws, mostly.

It took some time to remember that I don't need a straw and to be honest, I still sometimes forget to say it when I order my drink in a restaurant. Luckily, some restaurant is learning their way out of this bad habit and they are not automatically offering straws anymore.

I found this picture on Pinterest, you can find on from my Pinterest account: Your D'light

Even though I still sometimes forget, I keep telling myself "practice will make me a master..". Let's put it this way; we learned to ask certain kind of milk with the coffee, why wouldn't we learn to say No to straws. We are actually asked what kind of milk we prefer and there are so many options! All these milk alternatives wouldn't be here if we consumers wouldn't ask for it. So, maybe in the future, we will hear the question "Do you need a straw with your drink?". Or even better "We do not have straws at all". But it's our job to guide the restaurants and cafes to the new directions, in the end, they will do what is popular among consumers, us.

But how about straws when throwing a party? Many times, straws are also a great way to decorate drinks.

The answer is reusable straws!

They sure are making their way to us and there are pretty amazing options available, like Reusable Stainless Steel Straw and Reusable Silicone Straw. But there are also straws of bamboos and even glass straws.

I think the only big problem with the reusable straws is the actual reusing. Trust me, I know it is hard after weeks of planning, many hours of preparing and decorating, then socializing and partying, to even think about all the cleaning.

And now, you don't only have the cups and plates to clean but also those damn straws! My motto in this case definitely is; if you are not willing to see trouble, leave the straws. Yes, just don't have them at all!

If you decide to go with reusable straws you'd be reusing and washing them, just like you are with forks, knives, and plates. Or perhaps, if you decided to hire a catering company, they will do this for you. And think about the bright side, when you offer the cocktail with a beautiful stainless steel straw, it makes it look much more stylish. Have you noticed some of the most exclusive cocktail bars are serving cocktails with metal straw?

If reusable straw is a big no to you and you truly need straws, try to at least say No to plastic straws. There's plenty of other wonderful options, for example, paper straws or wheat straws. I'd still love to encourage everyone to try reusable straws, any disposable product is not good in the long run.

Here's a couple of ideas from us to you how to try out reusable straws in your party:

1. Name tags to straw

Decorate your reusable straws with name tags and make sure everyone is using only one straw through the party.

2. You can use straw as a cocktail stick

Sometimes reusable straws are not as cute as plastic or paper straws are, but you can change that by decorating them with strawberries or flowers. Your straws will work as cocktail sticks, how cool is that!

3. Return your straws to Your D'light!

If you truly feel like the cleaning part is not your cup of tea, then we recommend you to buy straws from us and use our Free Recycling Service. Just return the straws after the use and we will take care of them on your behalf.

Please, go ahead and share your ideas with us, we would love to hear them!