Halloween Ideas for 2020


We made it to October!!

Congratulations!! Now, let's just take it easy, step by step, and pray for this craziness to end. I'm crossing my fingers for the aliens to stay on Mars and for the zombies turn back to the graveyard!

It has been very difficult to plan holidays and special celebrations during this historically bad year. That's why I wanted to write a blog about some ideas I think would be fun for Halloween of 2020. 

So, here we go:

Halloween fun for 2020

1. Organize a Haunted street or haunted house with your neighbors

Get together with your neighbors and plan a fun, spooky haunted street or haunted house. Ask your older kids to volunteer as ghosts and monsters. Make up a scary story about your street to tell your guests before they start exploring. Who knows, maybe your house/street has a real story that you can "color" a bit to make it scarier ;)

If you have small kids, instead of making it a scary experience create a fun adventure where your kids have to find clues and follow a map to solve a Halloween Mystery. 

2. Call the Spirits with Ouija

This can be spooky and we definitely don't recommend it for children. Get together with your friends and play the Spirit of the Coin Game/Ouija. Try to find someone who has done this before and can help to set up the game. Maybe there is a ghost whisperer among your friends, who can help you connect with the beyond.

Not scary enough? Find a haunted place/area in your area and play there. ;)

3. Do a smaller trick or treat with social distancing

Let your kids do some trick or treating in your neighborhood but set up clear rules of a proper social distance and ask everyone to wear masks. Create a safe way to hand out the treats, for example, instead of sharing candies from one big basket hand out individual, sanitized bags to everyone (reusable bags would be great ;)). 

4. Throw a Family Costume Party

Dress up as a family and enjoy a good Halloween themed dinner together. The best costume gets a special prize! Organize fun family activities, like board games, horror movies, or tell scary stories. 

5. Organize a Halloween Olympics with your family or friends

Dress up and organize Olympics in the backyard or in the house. You can make up your own games or google some traditional Olympic games and spice them up with a Halloween theme.

Here are some ideas form me:

  • Apple bobbing contest
  • Costume contest
  • Best Halloween story
  • Pumpkin decoration contest
  • Bag jumping but decorate the bags with Halloween theme
  • Three-legged race; use a fake snake or any other spooky thing to tie the legs
  • Pumpkin bowling (like bowling but use pumpkin as a ball!)

Check more ideas for fun games here: 50 BEST HALLOWEEN GAMES FOR ALL AGES

6. Have a Halloween Dinner Party

Show off your cooking skills and put together a terrific dinner party! Serve bloody drinks and other fun Halloween snacks. Ask your guests to dress up and if your budget allows, hire your own scary butler to help you set up a real spooky mansion mood. 

Don't know what to serve? See pictures for ideas. If your budget allows, hire a local catering company.

7. Throw a Murder Mystery

I have suggested this before in my previous blogs. Here is a website I found that has great content on how to throw a Murder Mystery party.

All the pictures in this blog and more information can be found on my Pinterest board: Halloween Inspirations.

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