Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Mother's Day is ahead of us in a couple of days and you realized you haven't prepared anything yet? Do you feel like this year it's time to give something more unique than chocolate and flowers but you don't have many days left before the big day?

Let's get to the business right away ;).

I decided to share some Mother's Day gift ideas that are available before Sunday, easy to get with a tight schedule, and environmentally friendly.

1. Give your time

Many times the best and most valuable gift is spending time with your mom. This year, cook a nice surprise dinner for your mom. You can take this to the next level and create a nice restaurant scene in your dining room and serve a delicious three-course menu with wine pairing. Why not show off your bartending skills as well and mix a crafty welcome cocktail to start with. Decorate the dining room with candles, paper lanterns, and other eco-friendly festive decorations. You can even ask your significant other to pick your mom and pretend she will get her own VIP transportation to the "private restaurant".

Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:
Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:

Spice up the dinner with a special program

Think of ways of making the dinner extra special. If you have musicians or artists in the family, I'm sure any mom would love to see them performing. Or maybe your graphic designing skills are on top, create a presentation or video of special memories with your mom. Write a poem or just have a moment to talk about why your mom is so special.


Think of different locations that might be very special to your mom. Right now, it is a bit difficult to find a nice outside spot to have a picnic. Instead of going to the park, throw blankets and pillows on the living room floor or in your backyard and watch your mom's favorite movie together. Do you have a pool? Throw a 70's themed pool party for your mom!

Not a chef?

If cooking is not your thing, you can always think of

  • Ordering food delivery.
  • Try out dinner packages, where a local restaurant delivers the half-cooked ingredients and recipe cards to you and you only have to follow the steps.
  • Hire a private chef who will take care of the cooking and preparing. This option will give you some time to concentrate on your mom and spending time with her while the food is served.

2. Make your own Plantable Mother's Day Card

Give your mom a card that they can plant and turn into a flower. Plantable Card is a great gift idea and not only because it is 100% eco-friendly but also because it will give your mom joy for a very long time.

There are lots of online stores, where you can buy these cards but unfortunately, it is too late for you to try to get them delivered on time. But we have an even better idea - make it yourself!

Just mix some egg cartons, paper grocery bags and newspaper, shred them into small pieces and blend them in a blender. Then mix it with water to create pulp. Stir the pulp with flower seeds and dry it out. Spread the pulp on a towel and wait for it to dry. Voilá! – you just created your own paper! After the paper is dried out, cut it into the size you like, and finish it with a personal note to your mom.

Here is a good tutorial that I found and I recommend to follow: 

Remember to start working on this at least a day before, so you have time for the drying process (just in case, if this is your first time, I would do a test set on Friday, so you still have Saturday for a Plan B, if it doesn't work out).

3. Wine Delivery Subscription

I have to throw this one here because I absolutely love this service and I think it is the perfect gift idea, and I can quarantine most of the moms would appreciate (and need) this as a gift!

The only bad thing is that the wine will not be there on Mother's Day, but you can hand on this Subscription with a nice hand-made card (see #2 ;) ) and maybe with a delicious bottle of wine.

Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:
Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:

There are lots of different kinds of wine deliveries available and I have had a chance of using a couple of them. My absolute favorite was First Leaf ( You can choose the deliveries to happen every month or every 3 months, you can also skip deliveries, but that is probably not going to happen ;). First Leaf was my absolute favorite because first of all, there will be a questionnaire before they send you any wines, where the company makes sure they deliver wines that are match your mom's taste. They also deliver wine cards with the bottles and your mom can read the stories of the wines and even write some notes while she is tasting. The best part is that your mom can rate the wines on their First Leaf account and based on those ratings they will send you the new pack of wine. Isn't it amazing? I have loved almost all the wines I have received from there!

Wine Subscription is a perfect gift for wine lovers but also for beginners and it lasts a long time, depending on how long you prefer to subscribe.

Not a wine lover? : There are so many different subscriptions to choose from, it doesn't have to be wine! You can choose for example beauty products (FatFitFun is pretty popular and looks like fun!) or food and recipe subscriptions (for example Blue Apron or Hello Fresh).

4. Trip

Traveling might seem far away right now, but if your mom is a traveler type why not surprise her with the dream trip to those white sandy beaches or to that beautiful European country she is always talking about.

You can purchase a gift card from an airline or just craft a card (Plantable Card, see #2 ;) ) including information where and how your mom will get to the destination.

Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:
Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:

5. Experience Something Together

Is there something your mom has always wanted to try or maybe she already has a hobby she is doing regularly? Buy your mom an experience you can try out together, this way you are spending time with her but also giving her something nice to experience. Choose something unique and what your mom is turly interested in, this way you make it very special.

Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:
Check out my Pinterest board how to make this:

Here's some ideas from us to you:

  • Craft workshops
  • Flower workshops with a florist
  • Cooking Class
  • Wine Tasting
  • Yoga or Meditation Retreat
  • Baking Class
  • Learn a language together
  • Ballooning Experience
  • Helicopter Experience
  • Spa Day

6. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always a nice way to surprise anyone. Bake your own cookies or cupcakes and place them in a beautiful basket with the best dessert wine. Or maybe your mom is very into tea and coffee, create the ultimate tea/coffee lover -gift basket with her own personal tea/coffee mug. 

If you are not very much into baking and making, you can try local farmer markets and stores to fill the basket with special items. This is a time when you do not want to buy items your mom can buy on her regular day to the grocery store. Treat her with the best treats! 

Giving an experience or yourself as a gift for your mom is probably anyways something she will remember longer than the material items. So off you go, you have four good days' to make it happen!