Desser Table Decoration Package


Feeling overwhelmed with planning? We got you! Decorate your party with our eco-friendly reusable dessert table package and make decorating stress-free. 


The pastel Rainbow package is now on sale, purchase it for only $99. If you return we refund your account with $20. (*normal $199, if returned $100 refund)


If you wish to change the texts in the banner and cake topper, copy the below text and add your answers at the check out in ”additional text” or email us at 

Text for Merino Wool Garland (*in the picture "Two Sweet"). Max letters 8: YOUR ANSWER HERE

Text for Cake Topper (*in the picture "Happy Birthday"). Max letters 13: YOUR ANSWER HERE

Customize colors

If you wish to change the color palette of this package please purchase the package by choosing ”custom” and then email us at for details of your preference for colors/theme.

Add ons

Add beautiful eco-friendly plates and cutlery into the package. We offer two options

1. Disposable Tableware Set

2. Reusable Tableware Set (COMING SOON)


The package includes decorations for a 4-6ft long dessert table.

1 x 2-piece fabric garland 

1 x Merino Wool Garland with customized text, max 8 letters

2 x Paper White Honeycombs

2 x 3-tier cake stands

10 x Small heart-shaped cupcake decorations

1 x Handmade Wire Cake topper, max 13 letters

1 x Handmade donut wall (*for mini donuts)


This package is build to be reused:

Please note, this package is reusable and therefore we encourage everyone to return it back to us after use unless you wish to keep it for yourself. We will refund you $100 if you return the items in their original condition. The package is easy to return, we will mail it with a return label and you can use the same shipping package. 

The rental time is 30 days and will start from the day when the package was delivered to you as per the USPS tracking code. 

The decorations are carefully sanitized after each time used and again before sent to a new party. 

Choose a variant:

Starting at $99.00 $199.99
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