Dinnerware Set

2020 has already been too harsh! Would you like to celebrate this holiday season with ease? We will help you to set up your holiday dinner table fast and easy with our disposable 100% eco-friendly dinnerware set. This year decorate your table with our beautifully stylish, natural, and toxic-free palm leaf plates, wooden cutlery, and edible pasta straws. The best news is that you can after use, throw them away guilt-free

Package inclusions: 

We have designed this package for smaller intimate holiday celebrations for 10 people. You can use them once or if your parties are smaller than 10, use them at multiple parties. 

10pcs x 100% Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

10pcs  x Biodegradable Cutlery Set including Fork, Knife, and Spoon 

1 package (30pcs) of Edible 100% Compostable Pasta Straws 

Shipping included in pricing!

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