Edible Straws 30pcs

Have you ever heard about eating your straw after drinking from it?! These straws are made of pasta and you can actually use them to cook noodles if you like! These edible straws are a great conversation starter, all the way eco-friendly and so much more fun than any other straws.

Decorate your party bar or dinner cocktails with these 100% guilt-free straws. Use them as drinking straws in juices, soft drinks, iced coffees and teas, and even thick milkshakes and smoothies. 

The pasta straws are long-lasting, staying hard for over an hour without getting soggy and waterlogged. There's never a need to rush to finish your favorite drink. 

It's eco-friendly: Made of eco-friendly, renewable sources of 80% rice flour, 20% cassava flour.

It's natural: Organic, compostable, Edible, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and BPA free. It is also Marine Degradable!

Size: Each Straw is 10inch long and the package comes with 30 straws.

Did you know that straws are one of the biggest trashy problem in our beautiful nature? America, The U.K, Canada & Australia are using an average of 577 million drinking straws every day. That's enough straws to circle the entire globe almost 3 times! 

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