Happy Birthday Banner

This rainbow-colored HAPPY BIRTHDAY -banner is a must. It is handmade of merino wool. Perfect for adults and kid's parties and will last for multiple occasions. We highly recommend reusing or reselling this product.


- Flags: 13 triangles 6"x6" individual hand-cut felt flags

- Banner has extra 6" bakers twine sewn on each side for extra length and easy hanging

- "HAPPY" name is 30 inches long and the "BIRTHDAY" word is 46 inch long. 

- If both words combined all together in one string length is 82 inches.

Colors: 12 Different colors of the rainbow; Orange, Red, Salmon, Hot Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Kelly Green, Chartreuse, and Yellow. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" letters in White and sewn onto double flags. Please email us for specific colors info@dlighteventsmiami.com

Location: This Happy Birthday Banner is handmade in California, United States.

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