Mr. and Mrs. Seed Paper Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper is a special decoration for your wedding cake because it will grow flowers if you plant it after use. Instead of storing your wedding cake topper plant it in a pot or in your backyard and let it grow beautiful flowers for you and your significant other as a lifelong memory from your special day.

The painting is hand-painted in Miami, Florida. The wedding dress is overlayed with beautiful sparkling watercolors, as well as the hearts and groom's shirt.

Our seed paper is made with 100% recycled ingredients; bio-degradable, non-invasive and non-GMA seeds, no chemicals or dyes are used in production.


The circle is about 4,5 inches.

The full length is about 10 inches.


If you want a custom picture please choose the "custom" and email us at for the design you desire. We are also happy to make the topper bigger or smaller, taller or shorter.

How to plant

1. Soak the seed paper in water overnight.

2. Loosen the soil or fill a planter pot ¾ of the way with potting soil.

3. Place the wet seed paper in the planter and add a light layer of soil on top to hold in moisture.

4. Water well, especially during the first 4 to 6 weeks.

5. Once the sprouts are well established, they can easily be transplanted to a more permanent outdoor location.

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