Handmade Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop

A gorgeous backdrop is a must at any party like birthdays, weddings, and sweet 16 parties. This backdrop is handmade out of paper and will give your photos an extra fun party look. We have multiple colors available. 

Size: 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide, includes 18 strands of garland. The strands have been doubled over the backdrop stand to give it a more layered look.

Packaging: The strands are folded and carefully packaged in plastic bags (usually 5-6 per bag, each strand separated by a clip). The strands are not pre-attached to the horizontal hanging line. We will include a 10 ft long piece of hanging twine to be used as your hanging line.


Each circle is hand-painted or hand-dyed to create rich, beautiful colors. Choose your favorite:

- Pastel: pink, purple, yellow, and mint mixed together. Each circle is hand-dyed to create delicate colors. The gold star garland is also included.

- Purple: vertical ombre fading from white to light, medium, and dark royal purple. 

- Magenta: reverse ombre fading from dark, medium, and light magenta into white.

- Blue/Green: The display features a beautiful transition of cool colors encompassing the green and blue spectrum. It starts with dark green at the top and fades into mint, turquoise, aqua blue, teal, royal blue, and indigo blue.

- Blue: The display features a beautiful transition of sea-inspired blues. It starts with shades of teal at the top and fades into seafoam greens and then white at the bottom. 

- Rainbow: Features the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

- Fall: Features the colors of fall. Warm colors: yellow, orange, and red. It starts with a warm tan and fades into shades of golden yellow, orange, and red.

- Gold: Vertical ombre fading from rich, metallic gold into shimmer champagne, cream, and then white at the bottom. 

- Silver: ombre fading from white to pale gray, to silver shimmer, and then to metallic silver at the bottom. 

- Metallic Blush: vertical ombre fading from rose gold to shades of peachy blush and then to white at the bottom. 

- Christmas: a combination of various shades of reds, greens, and gold. Each circle is hand-dyed or hand-painted to create beautiful colors.

PLEASE NOTE** The listing does not include a backdrop stand. 

Location: These beautiful backdrops are handmade in Virginia, United States. 

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