Eco Party Kit

Our disposable party kit is made of the environmentally friendliest disposables there is available. All items are pre-made and handmade to you, all you need to do is place them on the table! Party has never been this easy and cute at the same time.

We can customize this kit for your theme (different shapes than cactus or cat), please purchase the package and type below what you are looking for. We will send you a revision via message before sending it in the mail, so you can see it before your final confirmation. Please note, custom theme processing time is about 1 week.

Colors: Please choose two colors for your party kit, see picture for colors. We will add more colors soon, if you are not in a rush and want to order outside of the colors we have now, please message us.


Party Kit for 10 ppl includes the following:
- 1 x 45 inch long flag seed paper banner
- 1 x 45 inch long cactus seed banner
- 10 pcs x seed paper cupcake decorations
- 10 x Disposable napkin set with a wooden fork, knife, and spoon tied in a seed paper decoration
- 10 x Edible rice straws
- 10 x Palm leaf plates, square and 8" x 8"
- 1 x Instructions on how to dispose of the items correctly


Our banners are made 100% of seed paper:
We have sourced seed paper into our paper banners. Seed paper is biodegradable and grows into wildflowers, vegetables, and herbs. We use seed paper that is 100% post-industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments.

Palm leaf plates:
Material: palm leaves and water, there are no glues, plastics, lacquers, veneers, or toxins used in the process.

Location: India and Indonesia (Factory have created employment for over 500 women in rural. The factories recycle the water used during the manufacturing process and the leftover leaf bits are used as food for livestock such as cattle or turned into organic compost.)

Wooden cutlery:
Made of Premium High-quality Birch Wood

Made of eco-friendly, renewable sources of 80% rice flour, 20% cassava flour. You can eat this straw!

The napkins in this set are made from bamboo, which is fast-growing grass and doesn't require trees to be cut down.

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