Short Hay Cocktail Straws (5")

These all-natural, compostable cocktail straws are a perfect eco-friendly addition to your shorter cocktails. They also work well for kid's cocktails. They are plastic-free, Non-GMO, made of gluten-free wheatgrass.

The best thing is that unlike paper straws these straws will not get soggy! Use for both, hot and cold beverages.

Size: The straw is 5" tall, it is perfect for small cocktails. Choose either 50pcs/100pcs/150pcs.

Material: Made from Natural wheat stems. Minimally processed. Tested as gluten-free, safe for celiac intolerant people. Compostable in home and municipal facilities. Straws are packed in compostable packaging.

Location: India and Indonesia (Factory have created employment for over 500 women in rural. The factories recycle the water used during the manufacturing process and the leftover leaf bits are used as food for livestock such as cattle or turned into organic compost.)

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