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Event Waste Management (incl. consultation, trash cans and signs & cleaning)

Event Waste Management (incl. consultation, trash cans and signs & cleaning)

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Do you need help with identifying how to correctly sort trash at your event? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where the products are supposed to go; recycling, trash, or composting.


This is a great service for you if you wish to be eco but are not sure how and don't have time to think about it.


    This service will start with a consultation call where we will identify the products you will be using at your party. We will go through all the items you are going to buy or already purchased, this is usually about 30min to 1-hour phone call. We are happy to guide you to better choices but this is not supposed to be to change your mind about what you want. We are here not to judge but help you!

    After we have identified the trash we will prepare a plan for how to sort the trash at your party. We will create beautiful signs that match your theme and also guide guests in sorting trash.

    On the event day, we will bring trash cans and signs to the venue and make sure everything is clear and easy for you.

    After your event, we will come to pick up the trash cans, clean the venue and deliver the trash to the right location.

    Cleaning includes clearing out the venue with trash and sorting the trash. We will also bring a small vacuum and a mop to clean the floors. We use non-toxic cleaning products.


    Please note, if you add this item in the store we will reserve the day in our calendar and therefore not book anything else for that day, therefore we hope you understand we need at least 3 days' notice in case you want to cancel with a full refund.


    This service is only available in Miami.