"Hello Sari-

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how WONDERFUL everything was for the party you help with us last year. Everything was SUPERB and delicious & every other synonym in the book. Even thought we had about 30 people you were able to handle everything by yourself efficiently. The presentation was flawless and the quality was impeccable. I could go on & on, but I would become redundant real fast. Thank you Sari for helping us celebrate our party in a first-class way. My only regret is that it took me so long to find you!"

Best regards, 

Mia and Martin Wischhusen 

Sari is a valuable addition to our team. Social Girls is a non-profit organization for women in Miami with more than 2500 members. When Covid-19 hit I was very scared about what is going to happen with our members who had to stay home without the support they usually receive from their friends and family. We decided to start organizing virtual events and Sari jumped into the boots of an Event Director, it was a perfect fit! Sari has helped us a lot and created a fun and educational daily virtual events and workshops for the girls. She is also helping me with marketing and growing our beautiful community. It's a pleasure to work with such a committed and creative person as she is. I look forward to all the upcoming projects we are going to do together when quarantine is over!

Aurore Colin 
Social Girls Founder

I had the pleasure of working with Sari about 5 years at Fondia. I've always been impressed with Sari's ability to handle customers and to work well with her colleagues.

We have organized together a several small and large events and parties at diverse locations. Their responsibilities include event planning, researching vendors, negotiating prices, booking venues, transfers, bands, food & beverages and other entertainment, decorating, managing budgets and solving various problems. The biggest party and the most arrangements certainly needed a recreation day in Estonia and a big party planning to Sweden.

During the years that I have worked with Sari, I have been consistently impressed with Sari's great attitude and efficient workflow. She has an incredible ability to organize a variety of events and create stunning decorations with amazing atmosphere.

Sari is also a great team member and she is a positive person who enjoys challenging tasks that help her continue to learn.

Paula Hipari
Fondia Oyj, Finland

Sari and I worked together for 4 years. Sari started working for Fondia as a butler but soon she established her position as part of the marketing team organizing multiple events for Fondia. She is creative, optimistic, and always fun to work with. Besides organizing monthly events, workshops, and dinners for our clients our biggest project was Fondia's 10th anniversary which was an event for 300 guests. Sari was in charge of leading our planning team and coordinating everything. Overall Fondia's 10th-anniversary gala was a huge success and event months after we received positive feedback from our clients! I appreciated Sari's determination and positive attitude and most of all, being open-minded to try fun and creative ways.

Marianne Saarikko-Janson
Founder at Fondia Oyj